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Atlanta Jack Sparrow Birthday Party
Atlanta Belle Birthday Party
Atlanta Moana Birthday Party
Atlanta Star Wars Birthday Party
Atlanta Elmo Birthday Party
Atlanta Spiderman Birthday Party
Atlanta Tiana Birthday Party
Atlanta Jedi Birthday Party
Atlanta Pirate Birthday Party
Atlanta Knight Birthday Party

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Below are Hightlights of Testimonials from Private Events


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References on each performer available upon request.

"Good morning, we want to thank you again for helping us throw the best Star Wars party a young Jedi could ask for. Thank You Sonny, thank you Brent, thank you Josh and Jeff!!! Everyone enjoyed themselves and your performances! Your team is really great, we will be in touch for future parties again lol. Thanks Kester, and he whole Dream Friends Ent team!!! - Ledrew



"Everything was fantastic. He did a great job of doing the Hot Dog dance with Nathan. Our son is non verbal autistic (technically he has about a 10 word vocabulary) and he actually spoke more in the 30 minutes that her was there as Mr Mouse than we have ever heard him, even in the 2yrs of speech therapy. Nathan actually sings the hot dog song as he dances with him. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a character visit for their child's birthday. We will see what Nathan is into next year as we will be using your services in the future." Respectfully - Travis



"OMGoodness.... the Snow Queen (Clark) was FAB-U-LOUS! We clicked from the moment she called. She was prompt and you could tell that she loves what she does! My daughter and her friends were so overwhelmed; it caused all of the parents (including myself) to cry!!! Thank you so much and I know we will DEFINITELY use your services again " - Damita



"We loved having Brent and Constantine (The Knights) at the event! They did a fantastic job entertaining the boys and participating with the DJ. We so appreciated their leadership and their presence. We would definitely use you all in the future for an event. Thank you for your quick response and help throughout this process too!"
- Nicole Taylor, Director of Women's Ministries, Mt. Bethel UMC



"Brave Princess was simply amazing! Thank you so much for helping bring her all the way from the Scottish Highlands to celebrate Selene's 6th birthday! Carrie Anne embodies her and was in character - and accent - the entire time! Selene's teacher was also very impressed and plans on writing you herself. The children enjoyed all of the activities she managed to fit into the hour, including reading her story, teaching the children words in Gaelic, teaching them how to bow, curtsey and shoot an imaginary bow, plus two traditional dances AND tattoos then Happy Birthday sing & pics. Selene was recognized as a princess and she was so happy just to spend time with the Brave Princess. I would happily and highly recommend Carrie Anne to anyone! love Dream Friends, you are the best!" - Monica



"I wanted to tell you and the Dream Friends team that Josh (Superman) owned the celebration. He was soooooo awesome! Our Pastor was so surprised and excited. He armed wrestle with superman and won and Josh didn’t just let him; he had to earn it. Josh had done his home work and everything done and said was centered around Christians. Our Pastor talked about him all that day, all day Sunday in Church, all evening that Wednesday at Bible study. We have dinner on Tuesday evening he was still talking about superman. We had a congregation meeting on last evening (last night) and he was still thanking the team for having superman at the breakfast. I had staff members sending me thank you cards for taking them back to their childhood. I could go on and on, but I think you got it. Oh yes, the most astonishing thing was how much he looked like the real superman. We will not forget this event. Superman did not need any of our permission to be AWESOME! May your business be blessed always!" - Daisy



"It was a great success. The Clown / Tickle Me combo with Carolann was a big hit with our little one and all the kids! Thanks for again for another great party!!" - Victoria



"I just wanted to make sure that I sent in an email for how over the top, beyond awesome Sonny (TMNT) was at our party. He was perfect and made our party so fun and memorable. Thank you again so much! Will be passing along your information to everyone." - Shelley



"OH.MY.GOODNESS, I cannot express to you how pleased I was! King is high functioning autistic and has been very sensitive to a lot of things going on around him in the past. I was so afraid that the performance was going to be too much for him, but Sherry (Clown) was amazing! Everyone love her, and I have never seen so much joy on King's face. I was literally brought " All my love! Gelisa Longmire



"Just wanted to say that Sonny as Sponge B was a Huge success!! He made my grandsons birthday party so memorable. Not only did the children enjoy him, but our family & friends did as well. Sonny was very professional and organized. He called ahead of time with all the instructions and made my job much easier. We had several adults at the party and I was very busy running around, but the children were all entertained the whole time with Sonny. Which was awesome for me!!!! I will recommend Dream Friends to all my friends. And we definitely will use you again. Thank You for everything!!!!" - Virginia



Web-Man (Ryan) was Awesome!  He did a great job! Thanks for being available on such short notice. - Ella



"The zombie party was so great! They had a great idea of being a zombie survivor and bringing a zombie that was caught to the party. It worked so well in making sure the kids weren't afraid of the zombie and helping to translate for her. It worked even better than we had imagined. The kids had an awesome time and were so impressed with both the zombie and the zombie catcher. The games they came up with were so fun and the kids just loved everything! I can't tell you enough how great the entire experience was for everyone, thank you so much!!!" Thank you again! Jessica



"Thank you so much, Erin and Dream Friends, for making Maddie's 4th birthday special and successful. She was surprised and thrilled to see the Snow Queen walk into her party. Erin, was lovely - she makes a FABULOUS Snow Queen. Thanks for making all the princesses at Maddie's birthday feel special." All the best, Rachel



"I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with Clark (Tink). She did an amazing job and all of the kids and adults enjoyed having her. She was beautiful and sweet and sooooo great with the little ones. She made the party so very special for my daughter!! I wanted to thank you and your service. As I am sure all of your ladies (and gentleman) are wonderful, there was something about Clark that just made her sooooo authentic. Thank you again!!" Mary Emily



"Web-man and Capt A were great! Wright had such a wonderful time and it really made his birthday so special. All the kids were so excited and in awe when they walked in, and Wright went right up to them and gave them high-fives and hugs. They were both so nice and professional to work with. Sonny called the day before and the day of the make sure we were all set-up and was right on time. I wanted to let you know I called 3 other companies and you were BY FAR the most available and the most communicative with me. In fact, 2 of them never even returned my call or email. So, kudos to you for responding quickly and professionally! You were great to work with too!" Rebecca



"I'm a true procrastinator my nature and waited until the last minute to come up with a birthday party idea for my little one. By the grace of God, a Google search led me to Dream Friend Events. From my very first email I must admit I was impressed. Kester was responsive, helpful, and most of all thorough in every interaction. The day before the event she not only called to confirm but also to see if there were any last minute touches to add. It would be impossible to put a price tag on the smile on my daughter's face when she realized the Ice Princess (Deena) was there to celebrate her birthday with her. She was the epitome of a professional. She arrived on time and was fully prepared with activites that kept the children engaged the entire time. The children were so quiet we almost forgot they were there. She even managed to stay in character as the children bombarded her with questions about the other characters! Thank you Dream Friend Events for helping make our princess' wish to celebrate her special day with her favorite princess come true. Your professionalism from start to finish was remarkable! I wouldn't hesitate for a second to refer you and your services to friends and family." - Necoas



I just wanted to let you guys know that Tatyana (Frog Princess) did a wonderful job and my daughter and her friends really enjoyed her. - Graham



"Deena was absolutely charming and a fantastic Underwater Princess! My daughter and her friends were so excited about her visiting. They all ran to greet her when she walked in the door and were all smiles and chatter. Deena did a wonderful job keeping them entertained with games, stories, make-up and balloon animals; so much more than expected! She was also fabulous at keeping them under control while staying in character the entire time. Everything was perfect! Deena's make-up and costume were so authentic! My family even commented on how pleasantly surprised they were by the high level of entertainment that was experienced by everyone. Deena really made the party memorable. THANK YOU!" - Jennifer



"I just wanted to drop a note to say how much we appreciate Dream Friends Entertainment. Y'all always do such a great job and Capt Jack (Sonny) was no exception. He was so good with the kids - we couldn't get over how well they responded to him. It was utter chaos while the kids waited for him and within minutes of him arriving all was silent as they listened intently to what he was saying to them (there is a slight chance they may have been in shock! lol).
The kids were thoroughly entertained the entire time; there were no fights, no upset children, everyone was participating and playing along nicely - it was fantastic! And the resemblance - I know y'all hear this all the time but it's amazing; down to the mannerisms and the voice - such talent. Even the pizza guy was like "OMG! He looks JUST like Jack Sparrow!" LOL! Thank you again for making it such a memorable occasion not just for Savannah but for her friends as well. I don't think anyone will forget her party for a long time!"
- Erika



"First of all. WE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED (did I run out of space yet??? lol!) Marie as the Frog Princess. She was fantastic. She never broke character. She was funny. She didn't miss a beat with my silly family (adults). My 2 year old daughter squealed, I mean, SQUEALED when she arrived and jumped into her arms. Marie got in the jumpy house with my daughter while I took pics and video inside. (I don't recommend that. I risked my life to capture a moment. hahaha!!) I was so impressed because I didn't ask her to do that; she volunteered. EVERYONE enjoyed her singing. The silly magic tricks, the storytelling, the face painting. Amazing. All of it. My daughter's Tiana dress is hanging in her closet. About a week ago, she serenaded it with "Almost There!" First time I heard her attempt singing it, and she was bellowing it. I almost fell over and immediately bursted into glitter." - Raye-John



"I just want to thank you for the wonderful time we had with your Jedi Master. The kids, and the grown up kids all went bananas. The Jedi's outfit was made in a galaxy far, far away. His use of the force. This birthday is one that will go down in our family history, and I'm glad that your Jedi could give that to us. We look forward to future parties with you."

- Forvever thankful, "Gabe's Mom" Harrison



"Amazing time yesterday with Carrie Ann (Draculaura) She had so much patience! My daughter LOVED her and talked about her all night!! I'm so glad I found this from Gig masters to make my babygirl day so SPECIAL. I would definitely do this again in December for my little ones bday!! The nails and makeup was such a BIG HIT! Thanks!!" Kelsey



"My son Jack's party was yesterday afternoon and Sonny (Webman) was absolutely fabulous! We had a large group of rowdy 4 year old boys and he had no trouble controling them or keeping them entertained. His activities were creative, yet age appropriate, and I loved the fact that he was open to my suggestions during our two phone conversations. We will definetely recommend him and Dream Friends to any friends looking to use a superhero or other dress up character. Thanks for helping to make out 4th birthday party so special." - Karen



"I am so thankful for the opportunity to provide feedback about my experience with Liz and Carol Ann (Island Girls). On our end, they were just fantastic!! They were both so engaging, professional, very friendly and just fun! They basically took care of the party for me and that was a pleasant surprise. The children were just enthralled by these beautiful ladies! I felt bad that we had a fluke cold spell on that particular day of the week and this is where their professionalism comes into play. It was so cold but they gave activities outside a good old college try until we just had to take the party inside. Liz and CarolAnn did not complain even once; their spirits were light and they had smiles on their faces the whole time. They had so many activities for the kids and for the adults, as well (face painting and games). I just can't express how happy I am with the whole experience. My guests were talking about the party and how much fun they had several days later. Thank you so much from my whole heart for making my daughter's 6th birthday one to remember and the best so far." - Venus



"Hi, I would like to thank u for your service. DJ Lance (Brent) did a wonderful job. He was very professional and very hands on with the kids . They really enjoyed him. And might I add he really studied that character because you would've thought he was the real deal. Thank u again. I will be using you all again and recommending all my friend to your business." - Kasha



"Deena was awesome! The kids loved her from the moment they saw her. One of my kids actually said " thank you for hiring the best clown ever!" Everything was great. All the parents were very impressed and wanting to use your company at their next party. So thank you guys for everything!" - Kenisha



"Josh was GREAT! The party was for my 3 year old son, and all the kids had older siblings. I was worried the older kids would be difficult to handle. I had a back up plan to banish the older kids to the basement if they became disruptive. Much to my surprise, Buzz had them all "at attention". Those kids were running all over the house doing whatever Buzz told them to do. 5 stars!" - Thanks! Wendy



Thank you for following up with me. Dawn (Frozen Snowman) did a great job. We were pleased! The party was a hit. - Elaine



Hi, there! I met to email you earlier in the week. Connor was a huge success!! Everyone was quite excited about the Ninja and TMNT. My kiddo was over the moon.  Thank you so much! I will forward pictures as soon as I can. Thanks! Tracey



"I can't thank you enough for providing the most amazing talent. The ladies were professional, poised, fun, and entertaining. Frog Princess has a beautiful voice! I didn't expect that at all, but was so pleasantly surprised. They were both flexible and accomodating to pre-party needs as well as innovative on their feet during the party. All the girls loved having access to them...looking at their shoes, touching Tiana's gloves, and just being near them. I think we could have just had them sit there and chat with them and they would have been in just as much love with the Frog Princess and Rapunzel. I will highly recommend your company as a source for exceptional quality in talent as I talk to any of my friends. As a matter of fact, I'm going to post Dream Friends on my Facebook page and tell them how amazing you all are."
With many thanks, Betsy



"We had a galactic time on Saturday at Marco's party, and good gracious was Sonny a trooper! It was stinkin' hot out there and I think the poor man sweat away a weeks worth of hydration in his costume - and he did so with great spirit and a smile!! I couldn't have been more pleased and thankful that he rallied through the heat!! He had a tough crowd, 4 year olds can be tough to entertain; Sonny just rolled with it and adjusted on the fly - really impressive. Really, really excellent experience. Sonny had a plan, a great spirit with the kids and flexibility to go with their flow. He made it easy for me and made my son smile - I couldn't have asked for more!" Thank you - I'll spread the word!!" - Erin



"My daughter's Birthday party was extra special because Carrie-Anne joined the celebration as beautiful Snow Queen. She was fun, loving and very creative young lady. She was very warm and friendly with kids and everyone loved her. I was impressed that she managed to keep all boys interested in dancing, various games and singing on the same level as girls and that is always tough task for a Princess in girl's party. Carrie arrived on time and kept kids busy and entertained all the time. I would highly recommend her." - Aleksandra




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