Educational Shows



Learn how electric current works in an electricity and heat exploration. In an interactive presentation we will discuss the topic of electricity, what it is and how it is generated. We will do experiments with a REAL 50K volt tesla coil.  Audience participants take the stage and place their hands on the electrostatic generator which makes their hair stand on end! We also explore how electricity generates heat and creates real lightning. And experiments where objects will levitate using static electricity.


We will discuss what dry ice is and what it can do. It's a chilling look into the world of dry ice. We will create huge mists of foggy carbon dioxide that can fill the room. We will explore the effects of carbonation and you can even catch dry ice bubbles (aka. boo bubbles) in your hands.


Learn about outer space and how to make a Meteorite. We will explore the planets, moons, asteroids, and comets. No space workshop would be complete without discussing space travel. You can even make a model comet to take home. We will become rocket scientists. A discussion rocket ships and their propulsion, the parts of the rocket, launch safety, and how space travel has affected our life on Earth.


It’s ooeey gooeey slime. You will love how slime is made right before your eyes. Dig in and get your hands dirty, while we learn about characteristics of polymers and chemical changes. We can also can make silly putty and/or super bouncy balls.


The best part of science is watching the large exothermic reactions burst into the air. Get a front row seat as burning money becomes a reality. Come up on stage and help launch indoor rockets. Participants will be wearing safety goggles for this part of the show as we make explosions. We will teach how we are able to do this in a safe manner, under controlled conditions.


We explore the properties of air and pressure in this thrilling presentation. Floating beach balls and floating a child on a real hovercraft. Participants can join the host on stage and launch rocket balloons! We can make a smoke ring cannon that takes aim for the crowd.


Feel the forces and be amazed while we explore the world of physics. Make water levitate and gain a new perspective about inertia with the science behind skateboarding. You can really feel the heat when we convert potential energy to kinetic energy.


Learn the difference between an acid and a base. Learn why they are different and, even better, what happens if you mix them. We will conduct awesome acid/base reactions that will amuse and amaze. We will use red cabbage to create a wild acid/base indicator experiment. We will even make an Alka-Seltzer rocket.


Sometimes it looks like our eyes our playing tricks on us, and we will explore a variety of unique and incredible optical illusions. Watch your host's head magically grow and shrink and watch how your eyes will play tricks on you. Learn why the hand is quicker than the eye.


The sound workshop. We will discuss sound waves, vibrations, and how sound travels, we use special tools to see it in action. Salt on a speaker, a tuning fork, listen to crystal glasses sing, sound blasters, and more.


How does science tastes? This workshop explores all delicious characteristics of our tongue. Do you dare take the challenge of putting your taste buds to the test? Would you take a blind fold taste challenge? We will explore all the tastes of our taste buds: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, & savory.


Do opposites really attract? This demonstration is devoted to magnetism, magnets are all around us. But what is a magnet, and how does it work? Your guests will get involved with an up-close view at the workings of magnets. They will get to make an electromagnet, use a magnet to make a motor and even making a magnet levitate.

Science Shows



Animal Show
Reptiles, Birds, Inverts, Amphibians, & Insects!

Each animal is showcased with a question and answer series and some of the animals will even demonstrate tricks they have learned.

The presentation is 30 minutes and includes the following animals:

  • 2 Doves

  • 2 Snakes - a normal ball python and a pastel ball python

  • 1 Turtle - red striped turtle

  • 1 Emperor Scorpion

  • 2 Parrots - a blue and gold macaw and a scarlet macaw

  • 1 Brazilian Black Tarantula

  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

  • Rats


Your host will demonstrate a magic trick with some of animals.He will also address how many of the animals in the show are rescues and the importance of rescuing animals.

During the Q&A from the audience topic discussed will include:

  • Natural Habitat

  • How to properly care for each animal

  • Behaviors

  • Temperament

  • Humidity

  • Water and nutrition






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Your host presents a wide variety of tame exotic animals in a fun and educational show.


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